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The Disneyland of food opens in Italy

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In ancient times, food was just for sustenance; now it’s entertainment. Fast-forward a few millennia, and food became a night out at a restaurant. The last few decades saw food become TV shows. In recent years, Top Chef and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest have turned food into a competitive sport. And now, with the opening of FICO Eataly World in Bologna, Italy, cuisine is a full-on theme park

Source: Robb Report – “There’s like, there’s everything. There’s whole buildings of people making salami and prosciutto, cheeses, dairy, grinding wheat, making pasta, canning tomatoes, roasting tomatoes. Every single thing will be there in a Disneyland format,” Mario Batali giddily tells Robb Report. “There won’t be a roller-coaster, but it doesn’t need one. Sure, there isn’t a rollercoaster, but this nearly 25-acre interactive ode to Italian cuisine does actually have “rides” for adults. They’re six interactive exhibits called educational carousels where adults can learn about human’s relationship to fire, the Earth, wine, and much more. And that’s just once slice of what will be housed at the world’s largest Eataly. It all sounds so gloriously bonkers

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