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تشجع الغرفة العربية الإيطالية المشتركة على تطوير العلاقات الاقتصادية والتجارية بين الدول العربية وإيطاليا . كما انها تلعب دورا أساسيا في مساندة الشركات المعنية في انشاء عمليات التدويل


JIACC Tax Commission in Padova on VAT in the UAE

JIACC’s Tax Commission Chairma and Vice Chairman participated in the seminar oganized by the ODCEC (Ordine Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili) of Padova and addressed the subject of VAT in the UAE. The Tax Commission gathers 28 experts from some of the most renowned and influencial firms across Italy and the Arab world.

Versace takeover will bring jobs to Italy


Fashion house Versace did not receive any offers from Italian investors before selling to Michael Kors but the deal with the U.S. fashion group will create jobs in Italy, creative director Donatella Versace told newspapers on Wednesday

Space tech to aid sustainable development


Space technology and exploration can aid sustainable development on Earth, officials said at the launch of Italy’s new Interministerial Committee on Space (COMINT) at a conference in Rome on Monday.


JIACC’s mission to Bahrain and the UAE


The Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce led a commercial mission to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. JIACC’s mission was a success and proved, once again, our deep commitment to foster Italian-Arab economic and cultural relations

4th Arab Lawyers Forum in Rome

Rome, 5-6/10/2018

The Arab Lawyers Forum gathers senior lawyers in private practice from across the 22 Arab League countries to share insights on the various challenges facing the legal community accross jurisdictions

JIACC participated to the Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq

Kuwait, 12-13-14/02/2018

JIACC’s Vice-President Mr. Pietro Paolo Rampino participated in the Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq, representing the Chamber.

The Joint Italian Arab Chamber officially recognized by Italian Authorities


During their last meeting in December, Italian Authorities (namely representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce) have officially recognized the Joint Italian Arab Chamber (from now on JIACC: Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce) and inserted it in the official Register of Mixed Chambers […]

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