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UAE mining strategy aims to increase sector share of GDP 


The UAE has launched its first mineral wealth strategy, which aims to increase the mining sector’s contribution to non-oil GDP to 5 percent by 2030, according to a senior official. Khaled Al Hosani, Director of the Geological and Mineral Resources Department at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, said that mining is one of the […]

Institutional and policy: what Europe needs to be competitive


In the article Europe must change its production model to enter the future, we pointed out that the European Union’s production model, governed by mature manufacturing technologies and net exports to the rest of the world, is unsustainable in the new international market order marked by the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine and […]

Boating, Italy first in exports. In 2023 it exceeds 3.7 billion 

GDP in 2023 could grow by 0.8 percent. This would be, according to sources close to the dossier, the estimate that the government is preparing to include in the Nadef, thus revising downward the one in the April Def, which indicated a growth of 1 percent. After all, the minus sign (-0.4 percent) fell on […]

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JIACC attended the official inauguration of Y International Italia, a Lulu Group Division

The LULU Group, a multinational company based in the United Arab Emirates, has launched a food processing and export hub in Italy. The purchasing center aims to export 200 million euros in 2 years with the stated goal of making export processes more efficient and ensuring food safety in the area. Milan: To further strengthen […]

JIACC : bando per la selezione di sponsor per “Annual Meeting: Italian Arab Business Forum” 

La Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce (JIACC), ha aperto ufficialmente un bando per la ricerca e selezione di sponsor per l’evento “Annual Meeting: Italian Arab Business Forum” che si terrà il 14 novembre 2023 a Roma presso l’Auditorium della Tecnica di Confindustria.  Sono disponibili quattro categorie di sponsorizzazione: Platinum, Gold, Silver e Bronze cui corrispondono diversi livelli di visibilità. I potenziali sponsor possono scegliere di […]

Have you ever heard about Shariah Compliance certification?

📌 Have you ever heard about Shariah Compliance certification? Obtaining a #Shariah_Compliance certification can provide numerous benefits for companies seeking to expand their reach and gain a competitive edge:  ✔  It can help attract #Muslim customers and #investors who are looking for financial products and services that comply with the principles of Islamic Law; ✔ It can grant […]

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